Portal Poems:
Perspectives on Aging

About the Author

Dr. Sheppard Benet Kominars

Dr. Sheppard Benet Kominars

What better way than through poetry written by someone who has lived it is there to develop a new compass in the new territory of aging? Portal Poems: Perspectives on Aging (Good Sheppard Press, September 15, 2013) offers valuable insights into this often confusing experience, demystifying it and becoming a threshold for the reader to better enjoy this new adventure. Portal Poems helps anyone of any age understand aging, especially in the senior years, in a new way through connecting with the past, the present and the future with compassionate objectivity inspiring the mind and opening the heart.

This collection of 236 poems is written in the seventh and eighth decade of the poet’s life in a simple, straight-forward style that is easy to understand and enjoy. The poems have not been published previously even though Dr. Kominars has been writing poetry since 1943. The ideas for the poems in this collection have come from his years of preparation and journal writing – since 1955 – and reveal the importance that poetry has played in his life, through good times and bad. In Portal Poems, Dr. Kominars explores the aging process from many different perspectives that encompass his years of university teaching and counseling survivors of life-threatening problems. Portal Poems is a fun and useful adventure for anyone who wants to get as much out of life as possible. You can purchase Portal Poems online through Good Sheppard Books and the Kindle edition is now available on Amazon.

Sheppard Benet Kominars, an accident and cancer survivor, taught poetry, literature, drama at US universities and abroad. He has written five novels, six plays and developed books and presented workshops on journal writing (Write for Life: Healing Body, and Spirit Through Journal Writing) at UCSF, Kaiser Permanente, Stanford Complementary Care Center, St. Mary’s Hospital, senior centers and Faithful Fools. His book is available on Kindle. His early poems have been published in the New York TimesSan Juan Star and literary journals. 

Poetry writing has been a vital source of expression for Dr. Kominars over the years and he has become part of the very active poetry world of San Francisco. He has been the featured poet at city performance venues and the San Francisco Public Library. The Friends of the San Francisco Public Library launched Portal Poems: Perspectives on Aging, his first published book of poetry, on October 26, at Fort Mason. The book is dedicated to John Crowe Ransom and John Pentland.

"Dr. Sheppard Kominars’ poetry is a hymn to the wonders of aging that sing in concert with the biological limitations which visit us all. Unflinchingly, he looks at the process with compassionately objective eyes that inspire the mind and open the heart.”
                                                                                                                -Robert Harry Rovin