Portal Poems: Perspectives on Aging  

Sheppard Benet Kominars



Senior Years Are the New Frontier in the 21st Century

The moment you pass through this portal, finding a new compass to navigate is a task that must be initiated. Portal Poems offers valuable insights into this new territory in which the Old Rules have changed and new ones need to be discovered. What better way than through the poetry of someone who has lived it.

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Response to Portal Poems

"Wisdom, wit and wonder"

-Robert Pinsky
1997-2000 United States Poet Laureate
Poetry Editor, Slate Magazine

"Jewels in a long life"

-Claudia Jensen Dudley
Author of Waters in the Afternoon and Song in Three Voices

"Food for the soul"

- Allen Burke
Life Coach

"Sheppard's book is not for old people"

- Ed Bowers
San Francisco poet

"A movement towards an entirely new inner birth"

-Jacob Needleman
Author of An Unknown World: Notes on the Meaning of the Earth